Movable wall has designed with sound transmission class from low to high level (36 dB to 56 dB), depending on the budget and the use of different features. Example: Dining room, Ballroom, Classroom, Meeting room. For Conference or Studio rooms ... where have required high level of sound reduction between two rooms (higher than 56 db), the use of parallel movable walls is required in this case.
There are two recognized methods of determining the degree of sound reduction. Firstly, STC (Sound Transmission Class) is measured according to American standards. Secondly, Rw (Weighted Sound Reduction Index) is measured according to Germany, Britain, Europe standards.

Both are laboratory test results and directly equivalent. However, STC was originally intended for measuring internal sound transmission such as the human voice (125 Hz to 4.0 kHz). Rw uses airborne sound and is viewed as being more appropriate for rating the attenuation of external (100 Hz to 3.15 kHz), such as traffic. This means that a product may have a 30 STC, but be closer to 25 dB in noise.

STC Privacy Afforded Compared construction materials
25 dB Normal speech easily understood 8 mm plate glass
30 dB Normal speech audible, but unintelligible 12 mm plate glass
35 dB Loud speech understood 9 mm dry wall on wood studs, both sides
40 dB Loud speech audible, but unintelligible 100 mm painted concrete block wall
45 dB Loud speech barely audible 200 mm hollow concrete block
50 dB Shouting barely audible 16 mm drywall on steel studs, insulated
55 dB Shouting not audible 300 mm poured solid concrete wall
Panels can be finished with Wallpaper, HPL, upholstered at factory (overseas). However, this is the application for the sample materials which are only available from the manufacturer of movable wall, so the décor on panel face is sometimes not conformed to the general décor of the room (or area) indicated by project designer. Therefore, panels are often provided with unfinished surface by MDF or HDF boards, panels will be finished at side by the contractor for interior decoration to fit general requirements.
The change of panel surface will depend on each manufacturer:

Some manufacturers have constructed panel surface to be fixed on the inside frame by screws or adhesive. Therefore, the change of panel surface is required to dismantle all panels out of track and take a part the panel. This is usually done by manufacturer ‘side and it is impossible to replace panel surface at site!

We provide panel in which its surface is hanged on the inside frame by suspending plate. Therefore, the change of panel face due to broken decoration or renewed purpose will be done easily without dismantling panel out of track as well as taking a part of panel. The replacement of panel face can be done at site with a guideline.
- Acoustic movable wall helps to divide a flexible space in the rooms such as: Conference - Meeting, Wedding, Classes ... Response to the organization of many functions in the same time in the same area. Movable wall maximizes usable space, broaden the scope of business. This feature is convenient and profitable for investors.
- Acoustic sound ratings from low to high level (36 dB to 56 dB), users can select the suitable ones depended on the budget and the use of different features.

- Four wheeled carrier with a multiple ball bearing for smooth and ease of operation, even operator can push some panels in the same time for faster set-up.
- Deep interlocking vertical seals. Especially the tight closure at vertical seals by magnetic strip which also ensures optimum acoustic performance. For height above 5000 mm, panels are easily contacted together thanks to magnet utility.
- The replacement of panel face can be done at site with a guideline without dismantling panel out of track.
- No double operation to lever crank top and bottom retractable seals, then telescopic closure as others. Face activator extends all top, bottom and telescopic closure in one time.

Acoustic movable wall has used to reduce the sound transmission through space under ceiling. Therefore, the system is required to make a sound plenum barrier above ceiling, this will avoid of sound going up on the ceiling and moving to the next room. This construction should be sealed the gap caused by the M &E pipes crossed through the sound barrier.
The standard warranty period is 02 years. For special projects, the warranty period can be raised from 05 to 10 years.
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