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Today, space planning flexibility is required in the design and interior space of the building. Acoustic Movable Wall helps to divide a flexible space in the rooms such as: Conference - Meeting, Wedding, Classes ... Response to the organization of many functions in the same time in the same area. Movable Wall maximizes usable space, broaden the scope of business. This feature is convenient and profitable for investors.

*Key Benefits:

  • Smooth and easy to move panels in set-up position.
  • Sound Transmission Class rating (STC or Rw) matches for each functional area.
  • Decorative on panel surface as Wallpaper, Veneer, HPL (High Pressure Laminate).
  • The replacement of panel face can be done at site with a guideline without dismantling panels out of track
  • High quality and warranty period from 02 to 05 years.
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